Amazing health care: on the other side

Having never really been a patient in hospital, I’d always slightly pitied those who found themselves there. But when it was my turn things were different.

Right from the start, the day my spasms started suddenly and I  lost my ability to walk smoothly, I have been cared for by stunning examples of health care providers in Australia.

For the tender understanding in confronting circumstances….. a humble and kind GP

For a smooth and memorable flight in A Royal Flying Doctor service plane as I was airlifted to Sydney……’Cornflake Brad’ the Pilot and Delightful Debbie the Nurse had every detail under control as consummate professionals

For an entertaining Ambulance trip form Mascot airport to St Vincent’s Hospital….the very efficient and curious David and Sam

For immaculate care and compassionate nursing…..the team of professional nurses at St Vincent’s Private Hospital

For expert, tenacious medical care as they tracked down any possible organic cause of my symptoms and found me a diagnosis ……..the amazing Dr Garrick and his colleagues

When I was really sick and vulnerable, I needed to be in hospital. The incredible team of health care professionals were the appropriate tribe to look after me when I was lost, when I had to hand over power

And just be.

The Patient.




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