Variability: The Changeable Bodymind

Sometimes I can move normally, softly, easily and with grace

Sometimes I just have a tremor when I am standing

Sometimes I have a tremor when I am resting

Sometimes I can only stand for 5 seconds before I shake uncontrollablly

Sometimes I am rigid and my feet get stuck on the ground

Sometimes my left leg drags and scuffs my shoe

Sometimes I walk like have cerebral palsy with collapsing legs

and strangers stare awkwardly

Sometimes I speak like a robot with no expression or feeling

Then I am normal again……malleable, flexible and strong

Where is this ‘software glitch’in my brain or my body?

How do I find it?

How does it just affect my ability to control movement…. and why so variable?

All a bit pear-shaped really.


This is indeed a very perplexing condition.

Join me, won’t you….? As we find the solution together


2 thoughts on “Variability: The Changeable Bodymind

  1. Liz,
    You are so brave and such a determined person. I know you will find a way forward with this. You are amazing, courageous and delicate. I admire your honesty and thank you for sharing your journey. Love and healing to you. G

    Liked by 1 person

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