Moving mechanically: dystonia

“Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that makes it difficult for people to control their muscles. It can cause abnormal twisting or positions in part(s) of the body along with spasms or tremors. In some people the postures may be fixed or locked in position and in others pain can be the main symptom. Dystonia can affect almost any part of the body.

Dystonia affects children and adults of any age and has many different causes. In some people symptoms may improve or even disappear. However, the symptoms may return after a period of time. There is no known cure but there are treatments that help with the symptoms.

There are many forms of dystonia and many conditions or diseases may include dystonia as part of the symptoms.” Ref: Dystonia Network of Australia

Basically muscles behave badly. I am so glad not to have pain, just awkward movements.

When people with Functional Movement Disorder in the lower limbs walk, it seems as if they surely must fall…. but they don’t seem to.

This image is of a necklace from Africa I’ve had since 1980. It’s rough metallic surfaces remind me of how I walk when I’m dystonic: jerky, rugged and clunky. Although some have said it looks a bit like a dance. Perhaps if we could analyse the movement and understand the pattern it may help in unlocking some clues regarding the software….?


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