The maze of the health care journey

Onset of symptoms

Acute care/ Hospitalisation


No organic cause found

Trial of medications for symptom management

Settling of symptoms

Normal life

Relapse (Return to top….)

I am very grateful for the health care professionals I have seen who know they don’t have all the answers.

I am grateful to the researchers in neuroscience, chronic pain, physiotherapy, Feldenkrais, other nervous system inputs, proprioception, motor control, emotions…..who know that they each contribute a small part of a big puzzle as we try to understand how our incredible body and brain work together.

Who know that they are fallible humans working with imperfect science.

Who know that this Functional Movement Disorder is real but we don’t know how it works yet

Who contribute their expertise as best they can and empower me as we walk into the darkness together

Through the maze… searching for the answers







2 thoughts on “The maze of the health care journey

  1. We can join hands and connect to each other to our best abilities.
    Lets think of ourselves as synaptic beings and all part of nervous systems. CH

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