About Elizabeth

Elizabeth was diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder in May 2016.

This blog is designed as ‘a conversation over coffee’ about her personal lived experience of coming to terms with, learning about and controlling her Functional Movement Disorder.

Elizabeth has been a clinical physiotherapist since 1993 and Polestar Pilates instructor in rehabilitation since 2011. Learning about the important role physiotherapy has to play in Functional Movement Disorders has been a real eye opener! She realised that if someone who moved like she did walked into her clinic, she would be scrambling to know where to start…….

So this blog is for all sufferers of Functional Movement Disorders and dystonia. It’s also for curious health professionals who wish to dig a little deeper into what it means to live with a Functional Movement Disorder.

Elizabeth would like your feedback about her posts so please share your experience, your questions and reflections. So little is known about how to manage these quirky disorders….. so we’re on the road together!